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Ellendale Volunteer Fire Company
The Power to Act & The Pride to Serve
Station 75 - Sussex County, Delaware

Becoming a Member


Letter to the prospecting member

The Ellendale Volunteer Fire department would like to thank you for being interested in becoming a member. In becoming a member you are open a challenging yet exciting chapter in your life that will allow you to learn some things you may not have known about yourself. Joining and being an active member of this department requires dedication and hard work. This line of work is not something that should be taken lightly, but there will be plenty of time for fun.


If fighting fire is something that you’re not interested in don’t worry there are plenty of other job here at the fire station for you. Maybe you could ride the ambulance assisting on nationally certified EMT-B’s; we are always in need of drives at all times of the day; then there is always the executive side of the fire service. So don’t fret if you are unsure what you would like to contribute because I guarantee we can find a place for your talents here.

Firefighters training


Every member joining as a fire fighter is required to take training. The training is conducted on the weekends at the Delaware state fire school. All training is paid for by the company in full, we also provide transportation to the training grounds. There is a multitude of classes to be taken so you never stop learning; And the same goes for those of you that interested in the EMS side, and executive side.

Firefighter training
Firefighter training
Benefits of joining

There is an array of benefits that come from joining this department along with all the other departments. The biggest benefit is the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping to make a difference in and around your community. If you are a college student or a college student to be there is scholarships available through state county and federal agencies. We also offer Workman’s Compensation at no cost to you, and the department offers a pension plan . So if you get injured at an incident we will provide money for expense. There is also a pension plan that you are eligible for. There is also State and Federal line of duty death benefits up to $100,000.00.

Final Thoughts

Don’t miss out on what can be an exciting opportunity; there are many things that you will learn and gain from joining the Ellendale Volunteer Fire Department. You will make lifelong friendships throughout the state and surrounding state. You may even want to turn this into a career. So good luck and I hope to see you soon.

Questions about becoming a member?

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