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Hall Rental Agreement

Rental of Hall: $100.00 per hour with a 3 hour minimum (hrs)  ___   x $100.00 =________
Security Deposit: $200.00 per event (due at signing of contract)       $200.00 - ________
Kitchen Rental: $200.00 per event                                                             $200.00 -________
Advertise on Sign Board: $25.00                                [   ]Y/N[   ]                $25.00 -________

 ** PAYMENT: Full Payment is due (2) weeks prior to the scheduled event, except for the security deposit which is due at the signing of the contract. Contact Lisa @ 302-422-7500 (Monday-Thursday)(8:30-4:30) for appointment.
** SECURITY DEPOSIT: will be refunded when both the Building and Grounds Manager or the Hall Rental Administrator and the “Lessee” are satisfied. You will be entitled to your security deposit 2 – 3 working days after the event ends. Security deposit will be forfeited or non-refunded if you want the “Company” to clean up after your event. This provision must be agreed upon before your event. 

Terms and conditions of renting the Ellendale Volunteer Fire Company Hall are:

  1. The party signing this contract is responsible for any damages to the Dining Hall, Kitchen,  

      Restrooms and outside the building.

       2. A party of 100 or more with alcohol being served, the “Lessee” must hire a police officer 

      to ensure that no one under the age of 21 years old is being served.

      3. It is the responsibility of the “Lessee” to have a Delaware Licensed Bar Tender to serve

      any and all alcohol. Tips to the bar tender are permitted

     4. If alcohol is being served, the party/event (“Lessee”) signing this contract is responsible

      to see that no minors are served. Ellendale Volunteer Fire Company is not responsible for 

      anyone leaving the premises under the influence of alcohol.

     5. With this organization being a Non-Profit, We DO NOT allow charging a fee or a cover

      charge for your party/event. (Example) No cash or ticket transactions at the door. No   

      cash or tickets for drinks at the bar. Only open bar is permitted.

     6. There will be no hanging of decorations from the ceiling, walls or doors and no confetti


     7. The Party signing may come (2) two hours before the time of the event unless permission

      is given allowing setup the night before the event by the Building/Grounds Manager.

     8. The only permitted use of Ellendale Volunteer Fire Company kitchen utensils is when the  

      kitchen is rented.

     9. Removal of company property is prohibited. No tables or chairs are to leave the building.

    10. Any damage to the building or its contents, the cost of repairs will be billed to the

      “Lessee” that exceeds the security deposit.

     11. Ellendale Volunteer Fire Company will not be responsible for valuables or items brought 

      into the building by the “Lessee” and/or their guest.

     12. The Ellendale Volunteer Fire Company shall not be held liable for injuries to person(s).

      loss and or damages of property arising out of or in connection with the use and 

      occupancy of the company’s property.

      13. Children must be supervised by an adult at all times.

      14. If you use a caterer at your function they must possess the required Ellendale Town

      License. All food must be removed immediately after the party/event. A Copy of License

      must be sent to Ellendale Volunteer Fire Company prior to the party/event.

      15. The party/event is reserved to the Dining Room and Restrooms only. Participants are not 

      permitted in the game room or engine bay where the trucks are parked or parking lot.

     16. Parking is in the back parking lot of the building, NO PARKING ON THE WEST SIDE

      OF THE BUILDING. Handicap parking by permit only.

      17. If your party/event becomes out of control and the police are called, THE EVENT IS  

      OVER IMMEDIATELY and NO REFUNDS.The Ellendale Volunteer Fire Company 

            reserves all rights to end or cancel the party/event at any time. A member of the Ellendale 

            Volunteer Fire Company will be on hand the entire time of the party/event.

      18. Security cameras are in use at the Ellendale Volunteer Fire Company at all times.


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