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Dial 9-1-1
Ellendale Fire Co.
302 Main St.
Ellendale, DE 19941

Fire Company Membership

Aaron Moore   Brian K. Moore   Ian Moore
Kate Moore   Keith Moore   Rowland Moore Jr
Brian Morrill   Jacob Mott   Bill Nagle Jr.
William Nagle   Greg Nailor   Alvin Neibert
Charles H. Neibert Sr.   Charles H. Neibert Jr.   Steve Newman
Heather Nicholas   Joshua Nicholas   Don Noll
Donald O'Bier   Charles O'Neil   Bryan Palen
Edwin Pepper   Keith Perry   Kyle Perry
Brock Phillips   George Phillips   Charles Plummer
Norman E. Prettyman   Branden Reed   George M. Reed Jr.
Scott Reed   Arthur Reynolds   Charles Reynolds
Brandon Rogers   Carrie Rust   Norman Rust
David Salevan   Vada Sample   Brandon Sapp
Charles Schmitt   Charles Schmitt III   Brent Scott
Norman Sennett   Olin Shockley   Tommy Shockley
Harold Short   William T. Short   Dwan Shorts
Pat Simmons   Lawrence E. Sipple   Tamara Skis
Cory Smith   Paul V. Smith   Shane Smith
Ashley Snyder   Spiro Stanfield   Steve Steele
Austin Stockman   Dean Stockman   Lawrence Stockman Jr
Donald Stubbe   Michael Stubbs   Walter Thomas
Rick Thompson   Floyd Toomey   Ashley Tracey
Joseph Tracey   Daryl Trotman   Lisa Turner
Kevin M Twilley   Bill Tyndal   Doug Tyre
Alex Vazquez   Charles Vickers   Theodore Walius Jr.
Theodore Walius Sr.   Gary Walls   Richard Walls
Ricky Walls   Taylor Walls   GK Walton Jr.
Jonathan C Walton   Kenny Walton Sr.   William Walton
Richard Ward   Luther Warrer Jr.   Donald Webb
Gerald L Webb Sr.   Gerald Webb Jr.   Irwin Webb
James Webb   Jeff Webb   Jesse Webb
Judi Webb   M. Fletcher Webb   Robert Webb
Nate Weldon   Amy Willey   Arthur Williams
Howard Williams   Howard Wilson   Mike Wooldridge
Jeff Wooten   Bev E Workman   Earl Worthington
John Wothers Jr   Robert Young   David Zerbe

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Fire Run Stats
Mar '19 0 Sept '18 23
Feb '19 0 Aug '18 11
Jan '19 31 July '18 23
Dec '18 22 June '18 23
Nov '18 29 May '18 26
Oct '18 25 Apr '18 22
Last 12 Months: 235
YTD 31
2018 268
2017 275
EMS Run Stats
Mar '19 0 Sept '18 102
Feb '19 112 Aug '18 92
Jan '19 116 July '18 113
Dec '18 113 June '18 135
Nov '18 117 May '18 125
Oct '18 117 Apr '18 94
Last 12 Months: 1236
YTD 228
2018 1340
2017 1288
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