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Ellendale Fire Co.
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Ellendale, DE 19941

Fire Company Membership

Nelson W. Abbott   Lindsay Adams   Robert Adams
Robert Annis   John Anthony   Connie Argo
John P. Argo Jr.   John P. Argo Sr.   John R. Argo
William Arnold   James C. Bailey Sr.   Isaac T. Baker Jr.
Mike Barkley   John Baynum   Edward C. Beebe
Brandon Benton   Mercy Berry   Tommy Berry II
Thomas Berry III   Robert Blann   Ken Bleadow
Joseph Bradford   Avery Brower   Justin Brown
Joe Buck   Cyrus Buckley   Donald Buckley
Valarie Buckley   George Cambell   Paul Caras
Charles Edward Carey   Jerry Carroll   Jessie Chisenhall
Tony Chisenhall   Edward Clark   Cyrus Edward Clendaniel
Robert J. Clendaniel   William P. Clendaniel   William D. Clendaniel
Joshua Clendenial   Ray Cleveland   Mike Cohan
Dakota Cousins   Luther W. Coverdale   Nick Coverdale
Richard Coverdale   Timothy Coverdale Sr.   Timothy Coverdale Jr.
Anthony Crew   Howard Crew Jr   Howard Crew III
Howard W. Crew Sr   Thomas Crew   Rev. Thomas Dahl
Carl Davis   Britt Deese   Harry Delorenzo
Howard Dickerson   James Harvey Dickerson   Jimmy Dickerson
Jordan Dill   Paula Dill   Joseph Downs
Davis Draper   Timmothy R. Drummond   Harry Dutton
Fran Dwyer   Robert Eldreth Jr.   Joshua A. Ellegood
Charles Ellingsworth   David A. Ellingsworth   Donald Ellingsworth
Isaac W. Ellingsworth   John W. Ellingsworth   William D. Ellingsworth Jr
Curtis W. Ennis Sr   Elmer Ennis   Howard Ennis
Gary Evans   Jehu Evans   Marc Evans
Samuel H. Fisher   John Fleming   Ernest A Fletcher
Wade R. Fletcher   Robert Foster   Bill Fox
William Foxwell   Greg Fuller   Ed Gamm
Kennith Gillespie Sr.   Kennith Gillespie Jr.   Liette Gillespie
Wilson V Gillespie, Sr.   Donald Glasco   Kent Glasco
Edward J. Gorlich   Joe Guerin   Scott Hague
William Hague   Brett Hall   Nelson Hall
Andy Hamilton   Gordon Harrison   David Hicks
Benjamin Holloway   Charles Hopkins   Jessica Hostedler
William W. Houseman   Charles Hoyt   Raylynn Hoyt
Tommy Hudson   James Hurst   Charles Jester
Otis Jester   Steve Johnson   Andrew Jones 2nd
Arthur Jones   Calvin Jones   Donnie Jones
Heather Jones   Kim Jones   Norman Jones Jr
Norman A Jones Sr.   Chris Kiker   Ricky King
Donald Kiser   Christopher Kneipp   George Kreigh
Charles Lapp   James Larrimore   Jennifer Larrimore
John Lattomus   Norman Layton   Gary Lewis
Robert Lord Jr   Robert Lord 3rd   Alfred Love
Olin Lowery   Elwood Lynch   Mike Magathan
Gordon Manlove   Roland Marker   John McBroom
Jim McGee   Lance Mears   Herb W. Melvin
George Metschel   Erin Millman   Charles Milman

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Fire Run Stats
Aug '19 29 Feb '19 23
July '19 23 Jan '19 31
June '19 0 Dec '18 22
May '19 25 Nov '18 29
Apr '19 19 Oct '18 25
Mar '19 26 Sept '18 23
Last 12 Months: 275
YTD 176
2018 268
2017 275
EMS Run Stats
Aug '19 121 Feb '19 112
July '19 97 Jan '19 116
June '19 98 Dec '18 113
May '19 122 Nov '18 117
Apr '19 92 Oct '18 117
Mar '19 103 Sept '18 102
Last 12 Months: 1310
YTD 861
2018 1340
2017 1288
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