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Sunday, January 23, 2011
High Angle Rescue
Beach Hwy

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At approximately 14:45 on January 23, 2011, Sussex County Emergency Operations Center (Sussex) dispatched station 75 and medic 101 for a residential rescue on Beach Highway near Spruce Rd. 75 Command (K.Perry) and 75-20 (D. Trotman) went responding to the scene. Sussex advised 75 Command that a male subject was stuck in a tree about 40 feet in the air. 75 Command requested Ladder 77 to respond to assist with a high angle rescue. 75 Command arrived on scene to find the situation as reported with a male subject hanging upside down from a tree. Rescue 75 arrived on scene and their crew extended a 24’ ladder to secure the male subject to the tree. 75-8 arrived on scene and their crew extended a 35’ ladder and assisted the other crew from rescue 75 to secure and stabilize the male subject. Ladder 77 arrived on scene and took a position in the front yard of the residence due to poor access and electrical power lines. Ladder 77 extended their ladder to the male subject. Ladder 77’s crew and the ground crew from 75 worked in coordination to successfully extricate the male subject from the tree. Situation was placed under control and the male subject was transported to Milford Memorial Hospital. All 75 apparatus and Ladder 77 went available. 75 Command was terminated.

Story By: Perry