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June 13, 2017
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Dial 9-1-1
Ellendale Fire Co.
302 Main St.
Ellendale, DE 19941

Auxiliary Membership

Kathy S Armstrong   Tricia Bedell   Cheryl Bleadow
Renee Brown   Jessie Chisenhall   Lucy Choinski
Patsy Clark / Shannon   June Clendaniel   Meta Donovan
Sharon Dunn   Nanci M Evans   Laura Fletcher
Betty Foxwell   Gladys A Gardner   Billiejoe Gavin Schmitt
Gladys Geyer   Anna Mae Gillespie   Judy Hallman
Ruth Hastings   Regina Headley-Marvel   Marilyn Hines
Kathy Holloway / Clendaniel   Barbara Horst   Reba Hoyt
Faye Hudson   Cindy Iriwn   Crystal Johnson
Sarah Jones   Ted Joseph   Rosemary Joseph-Kappel
Shirley Kee   Dawn Kiker   Sharon Kinzer
Marie A Lattomus   Deborah Lewis   Erica Manna
Connie Matthews   Elizabeth Kemp Matthews   Gary Matthews
Cheyenne McBroom   Cindy McBroom   Joan Mitchell
Sharon Mitchell   Jackie Morgan   Lynn Moss
Edna Neibert   Jean Neibert   Cheryl Pagden
Michele Patten   Carol Phillips   Pam Prettyman
Shirley Raynes   Penny Rogers   Jeanette Short / Quillen
Sue Simpler   Mary Skotta   Bette Smith
Sara Sockriter   Ruby Stayton   Christine Stevenson
Amber Walbert   Carol Walton   Kathleen Walton
Norma Walton   Phyllis Walton   Carole Ward
Connie White   Connie Willey   Jesscia Willey
Gloria M Workman  

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Last 12 Months: 204
2016 294
2015 269
2014 278
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Apr '17 79 Oct '16 85
Mar '17 82 Sept '16 93
Feb '17 100 Aug '16 113
Jan '17 100 July '16 85
Dec '16 99 June '16 92
Nov '16 92 May '16 88
Last 12 Months: 1108
YTD 361
2016 1078
2015 1101
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